Aged Care Transportation in Tamworth

At Oxley Community Transport, we understand that it is easy for older people to lose their sense of independence. This feeling is made worse if they get slower by the year, and this is why their needs must be accommodated by transport.

What is Aged Care Transportation?

Aged Care Transportation is exactly what it says on the tin – a transportation service for older people that still have places to go and people to see. It may be that they can no longer drive or that taking a bus route is too tiring for them, but nothing needs to stop them from going where they need or where they want.

The need for Aged Care Transportation

Helping the ageing population of Tamworth get around is not just about driving them to their medical check-ups. There are quite a few reasons that we leave the house, and not many of them vanish with age, so it is only fair to help with this. Older people might want to leave the house for:

For any applicable journey, the passenger or passengers will be accompanied by an assistant who will secure their luggage, carry their shopping to the door, and help with any other task that needs doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an Aged Care Transport appointment?

You can do this by contacting us in whatever way is best for you – you can reach us over the phone at 1800 951 770 or (02) 6762 1122. You can also fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

What vehicles are available?

For errands and the like, we can arrange community cars (either our own or those of our volunteers) to pick people up individually. For group events, we have a bus and minibus that can get your elderly relative and all of their friends wherever they need to be and safely back home.

Which areas do you cover?

At Oxley Community Transport, we mainly focus on Tamworth but can also transport people in Quirindi, Walhallow, and other nearby villages.

Are your vehicles wheelchair accessible?

Our buses, minibuses, and service vehicles are fully wheelchair-friendly, and our passenger assistants will make sure wheelchairs of any kind are secured before beginning the journey.

Can I volunteer?

Conditions pending, you absolutely can! If you want to help the elderly, we are always recruiting additional drivers and assistants and will provide full training to anyone interested. We are a non-profit organisation, but we will reimburse you for every kilometre driven if you use your car.