Disability Transport in Tamworth

Oxley Community Transport provides affordable, friendly disability transport Tamworth residents can use to attend medical appointments, shop, or complete any other errands that they need to do.

We understand the importance of enabling people with disabilities to remain independent and successfully complete all the activities they need to do in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

When you need a friendly, capable and easily accessed transport service in Tamworth, Liverpool Plain Shire and the surrounding area, Oxley Community Transport is here for you.

Disability Transport for Tamworth Residents

Oxley Transport provides door-to-door transport that’s suitable for wheelchair users and/or frail individuals. Users need to be registered with My Aged Care, who will then assess each individual’s eligibility for the Oxley Transport scheme.

Our team of drivers and vehicles provide a customised service – we pick up clients from their homes at a time that suits them. After assisting them into the vehicle, they’re driven to the shops, hospital, clinic, or similar. Our driver assists with enabling clients to leave the vehicle and enter their destination safely.

Once clients have finished their visit, the driver will pick them up at the door at a pre-arranged time, then drive them home.

The safety and comfort of our clients are at the heat of the service – our goal is to provide a safe, accessible form of transport that improves the client’s quality of life at the same time as providing access to essential services.

Our Vehicles are Suitable for All Requirements

Vehicles are matched to client needs. Where wheelchair transport is required, we will provide a suitable vehicle from our vehicle pool, driven by one of our skilled volunteer drivers. If specific accessories are needed for the trip (for example cushions, back supports, braces or similar) we recommend that clients bring their own.

For complex needs, please contact us directly and we will come up with a customised plan.

Generally, clients will travel alone, although in some cases a carer can accompany them if necessary – if you explain the situation when you book, we will advise accordingly.

As well as the vehicles in our vehicle pool, many of our volunteers use their own vehicles. We will always match you with a vehicle and driver that’s right for your needs.

Why use Oxley Community Transport?

We provide affordable, reliable disability transport Tamworth residents who are elderly and/or frail can depend on. For many older or less able people, using public transport, driving or other alternatives aren’t viable options. Taxis are expensive, and may not be able to come when needed or provide the additional support people with a disability need to access transport.

Our transport service is geared to meet the needs of vulnerable groups. Our volunteer drivers are all vetted and checked for suitability. They are also people who are sympathetic and empathetic to the needs of people with disabilities.

All our vehicles are maintained to a very high standard. If specialist transport is required, we can provide this as well.