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Top Qualities to Look for in a Medical Transportation Company

If your loved one has health problems and they need help getting to and from their medical appointments, you want to ensure they’re being well looked after by a respected transportation company. Medical transportation is about far more than picking someone up and dropping them off like a taxi service, so we’ve listed a few key qualities to look out for when searching for a medical transportation company in Tamworth and New South Wales.

Well trained staff

From time to time, medical transportation companies will be required to drive patients who have complex medical needs, so it’s imperative to choose a company that offers regular training and ensures staff are up-to-date on emergency procedures.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and make sure they can explain their safety guidelines too. If they’re not prepared to do either, this is a big red flag. Ideally, drivers should also be CPR certified, have a clean driving record and be trained in first aid and basic life support.

Vehicle tracking

It’s not always possible for carers to travel or attend appointments with their loved ones, so finding a company that offers vehicle tracking can provide peace of mind. What’s more, if the vehicle is late, you can see where it is and plan for any unexpected delays.

Ideally, you want to find a medical transport company that uses a GPS tracking system that lets you view its location in real-time.

Lift training

Another important quality to look for is lift training. The majority of patients who require medical transportation won’t be able to walk or stand on their own, so it’s important staff on board know how to lift patients in and out of vehicles safely.

Without this training, a passenger may not be able to get on at all or they could injure themselves without the right support.

Vehicle maintenance

A medical transportation team can’t do its job if its fleet isn’t well maintained, so make sure you ask about their service records and maintenance procedures.

The last thing anyone wants is for patients to be left on the side of the road because a vehicle has broken down.

Passionate team members

Transporting ill patients to and from their appointments requires true dedication and a passion for helping others. You want your loved ones to be well looked after when they’re in someone else’s care, so make sure the provider you select is willing to go above and beyond.

It’s likely you’ll be conversing with these people regularly, so take your time to get to know them in order to build up good rapport and trust.

Use Oxley Community Transport

If you’re looking for a medical transportation company with dedicated staff and well-maintained vehicles, get in touch with the Oxley Community Transport team today to find out how we can help you.